ZYQ Engineering Sdn Bhd | IBS
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IBS (Industrialised Building System)



‘Industrialised Building  System (IBS)’ is a construction technique where the component were build or made in a control environment, either inside or outside construction area, which later will be install at the construction site. Not only save time but it is potentially to save cost. E-ZYQ Product is one of the IBS product were introduced and used in a construction project by ZYQ Engineering Sdn Bhd and it had been used since 2015.

E-ZYQ Product are divided into two products:

  1. E-ZYQ Structure for structure and
  2. E-ZYQ Brick for wall construction.


  • Cheaper
    • Easiest and the quickest way of construction and cheaper house with the same construction size.
  • Heat Resistant
    • Material content of own product to make sure the house feel cooler.
  • Strong
    • Compression and Desity SIRIM test approved and strong compare to most of IBS Market.
  • Versatile/GoGreen
    • The design of the product for multi-purpose building, recycle materials used as filling wall and using less wood.
  • Unique House Design
    • American House Style and Innovative and flexible design.


E-ZYQ Product already pass with a few test from SIRIM to determine whether it can be use for public. Below are the test details :